So I recently spent a few days in the ho

So I recently spent a few days in the hospital and while there, I couldn’t seem to take my mind off of the fact that I was pretty darn sick and that something bad could happen out of this. Since I’ve been hope the last few days though, my mindset has made me change, a buddy of mine got me to watch a video called the Secret and that made me change even more. I feel a lot better now, but there is still so much more that I wish to do to better this life of mine and the family that shares it with me.

Consistency is the to a productive life.

Consistency is the to a productive life. What am I meaning? Well look at water. When water flows as a river down a hill to get to a waterfall, it is constant and without pause. If something tries to impede it, the consistency of the water may get redirected, but it remains the same, on it’s rightful path to greatness. What is your dream, where do you finally want to end up? Find your path and make it happen, but try your best to remain consistent even if that takes you getting better at something, you are still on your path. If something tries to stop you such as a bad habit, remember your why in this situation, and continue on like the great person that you know can be. Like Bruce Lee said….Be the water my friend. undefined

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People want entrepreneurs to show them r

People want entrepreneurs to show them results, show cash, checks, homes, cars and personal things. Well enough is enough, We are not showing you any of those things. Did you ask the guy at the Walmart, Mcdonalds, Hospital, Pizza shop or wherever you decided to work to show you any of the above things before you started sweeping, flipping burgers, doing office work or doing deliveries. So for all before you play yourself this is what we need you do. If we share something with you, act like a business person would. Watch the presentation fully, listen to the proposal, then get back to the person who shared the info with you so they can answer any intelligent question before you sign up or before you say no thanks that is not for me. And finally we are not hating on all the friends and family who decided not to take this ride with us so stop hating on us. We are free to make mistakes and still grow and make money at the same time and you can also if you choose. Have a productive and happy day. visit or call 405-945-1956